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C3 Wellness Spa has proven to be a reliable source of relaxation and wellness for guests and a consistent source of reliable profits for spa franchise owners. Our name stands for Complete Comprehensive Care, which means we employ many holistic modalities to treat the body as a whole. This gives our med spa franchise owners insider access to a $68B global wellness industry.

You have the service offerings to provide your wellness spa guests and members with a variety of restorative services, relaxation, rejuvenation, and health-related wellness options.  Find your perfect business sanctuary that will uplift spirits while nurturing your bottom line. When you become a C3 Wellness Spa franchise owner, you’ll get all the support you need to bring transformative wellness and rejuvenating treatments to your community.

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Immersive Franchise Brand Experience

An established, respected brand like C3 Wellness gives franchise business owners built-in name recognition, customer loyalty, and an immediate advantage over their competitor's independent start-ups. Our attractive brand, proven marketing approach, along with best practices in staff training and development will become your mark of distinction.

Replicatable Business Model

When you start a wellness spa franchise with C3, you gain access to all our proven processes and procedures. Our time-tested spa franchise business model includes customer data, best practices, and proprietary systems that eliminate guesswork and prevent common errors often made by new business owners.

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Ongoing Mentorship

You’re never alone when you are a C3 Wellness Spa franchise owner. Our comprehensive training and support program isn’t a “set it and forget it” proposition, with dedicated business specialists always available to assist and advise those starting a business, building your business, and continuous improvement to impact your bottom line.

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