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Capitalize on Multiple Revenue Streams with a C3 Wellness Spa Franchise

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They say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but when the other side is full of benefits including full control over your work, and the freedom to follow your passion, how can you not see the positivity - and green - of the other side?

For entrepreneurs, the old saying is somewhat outdated; part of entrepreneurship is to constantly look at the “other side” for new opportunities, openings, and possibilities.

At C3 Wellness Spa, franchise owners can not only see the “other side” but they can benefit from the greener grass. Not only can franchise owners thrive with the traditional benefits of owning their own business, but with multiple revenue streams, the sky's the limit on your overall success.

Tap Into the Expanding Global Wellness Industry with a C3 Franchise

With the name C3 (Complete Comprehensive Care) not only are we offering complete and comprehensive care, but that comprehensive care can be expanded into different avenues and channels with proven results and a parent company to support you along the way. The possibilities are endless in the $68 billion global wellness industry.

So what does this mean to you, a franchise owner (or potential franchise owner)? It means that the days of limited income, making ends meet, or wondering how you’ll continue the business, are over. With multiple revenue streams, not only are you providing a diverse menu of services to your clients, but that model also gives you more opportunities to increase sales. Also with multiple revenue streams, the amount of risk being put into the business is less when adding successful channels of revenue.

We’ve done the research and we know that clients of C3 Wellness have multiple and unique wellness needs. So, we’ve created a franchise model that not only supports you, but also caters to the clients. By presenting a diverse offering, your business will continue thriving.

At C3 we provide different service offerings for franchise owners:

  • Med Spa
    • Spa services including facials and massages have become synonymous with self-care. Increasing our offerings to include injectables, microdermabrasion, and body contouring continues to increase in popularity.
  • Physical Therapy
    • Increase your spa offerings by taking care for physical health to the next level. Not only will you be running a business that helps clients restore bodily function and complete daily tasks, but you’ll see a steady revenue stream with our tried-and-true business models.
  • Acupuncture
    • Offer your customers the age-old traditional Chinese medicine healing practice in which thin needles are placed at specific points in the body. More than 3 million Americans use acupuncture, making it one of the most popular alternative medicine practices today.
  • IV Therapy
    • Help your community live a happy and healthy lifestyle. IV Infusions and Therapy infuse a liter of fluids with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that go far beyond water alone.
  • Hot Yoga
    • According to the yoga website, thegoodbody.com, the popularity of yoga continues to grow over the years. In the ten years between 2010 and 2021, yoga grew in popularity by 63.8%. As of May 2023, there are currently around 7,000 yoga studios in the US and 100,000 yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Learn more about our service offerings on our website HERE.

Start Your Own Spa with a C3 Franchise Today

It’s no secret that consumers are focusing more on their minds and bodies, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. According to NPD, a national market data research company, consumers are shifting their focus toward holistic wellness in terms of managing both their minds and physical health. With three channels to tap into, C3 is poised to pull in new customers through multiple avenues.

A great example is our Kissimmee, FL location. Offering services in addition to Hot Yoga, the franchise location is capitalizing on its audience to offer new and exciting services. With massages, facials, acupuncture, and other medi spa services, the options for self-care are endless.

And the option to grow your business from a local operation to a booming global franchise are also endless. When looking at your career, business, and life, how long do you want to wait to achieve your goals and succeed in the way you’ve always dreamed? With a proven model, business backing, and experts on hand, we’re waiting for you to discover the greener grass on the other side.